Artefact Research, Processing, & Reports Services

Scéal offers specialist expertise in material culture, with over a decade of hands-on experience working with a vast spectrum of historical and archaeological artefacts in the commercial archaeology post-excavation sector, and with the collections of the National Museum of Ireland. We offer a range of associated services for museums, heritage organisations, and archaeological companies.

Scéal provides assistance with archaeological post-excavation management, and the assessment, processing, and reporting of archaeological and historical artefacts to the highest level of national museum standard.

Research, processing, display, documentation and reporting services for historical and archaeological object collections provided by Scéal Heritage Consultancy.
Professional artefact research and processing services provided by Scéal Heritage Consultancy.

Artefact Processing

We offer all stages of professional artefact processing – from cleaning and packaging to classification and object labelling and inking.

Professional artefact reports provided by Scéal Heritage Consultancy.

Artefact Reports

Professional identification and artefact report production on a wide range of historical and archaeological objects from all chronological periods.

Professional historical and archaeological object research provided by Scéal Heritage Consultancy.

Artefact Research

The highest standards of research and assessment of a wide range of artefacts – from the most common and everyday examples to the unique and unusual discoveries that are uncovered during excavation.


While experienced in the research and processing of a wide selection of artefacts, Scéal also offers specific research specialisms in a number of artefact typologies. These currently include:

  • Folk magic objects – objects that have been deliberately concealed in buildings in apotropaic/protective magic practices, or objects used in folk magic beliefs such as curing. Particular research specialism in the re-use of archaeological and historical artefacts in folk magic and tradition, and the associated folklore.
  • Archaeology and folklore – artefacts and monuments with attached modern mythological associations and beliefs.
  • The visual and material culture of the Irish women’s suffrage movement
  • Celtic Revival design and associated nineteenth-century archaeological reproduction jewellery and art
  • Worked animal bone artefacts
  • Post-medieval and early modern miscellanea