Finding Fionn Mac Cumhail: The Mythology and Archaeology of the 1931 Sheebeg Excavation

From Saturday 10th October, The Dock Arts Centre will broadcast a recorded interview with Scéal Heritage about our research into the mythology and archaeology of the 1931 Sheebeg Excavation in County Leitrim.

During Christmas week in 1931, a local schoolteacher and a landowner began an amateur excavation of the prehistoric passage tomb on the hill of Sheebeg in Kiltubrid, South Leitrim. The tomb was locally believed to contain the remains of the legendary figures of Fionn Mac Cumhail and his wife Grainne, and national and international interest was raised with the subsequent discovery of two skeletons within, seen by many to confirm this myth. The results of the excavation elevated the archaeological site of Sheebeg cairn to a wide forum of public interest and discussion, and serves as an example of the complex and common relationship between archaeology and myth. This talk explores the story of the amateur excavation and its discoveries, and explores the overlaps in Irish mythology with archaeological monuments and artefacts.

The talk is free to all to stream, and further information on this research can be read in the associated 2015 article published in the Breifne Journal (see our Research and Publications Page for further information.

Listen to the talk at:

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